Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a request - or two

This beautiful image comes from Lama Kunzang Dorjee in Bhutan. Magnificent, isn't it. May your year be as clear and vast as a pure heart of kindness.
As you know, I had the honour of signing the religious proclamation for compassion to animals on behalf of Lama Kunzang Dorjee. You can now go on-line to read and sign it. I urge you to look and read what leaders representing many, many faiths wrote together...united by the common cause of making this world a kinder, better place for us all, by recognising the plight of animals and - most importantly - taking collective action to change the way we think and act. Whether you are aligned with a specific faith or not is irrelevant - the foundation of this process is simply a heart of caring and compassion, and the power that a thousand - a million - such hearts beating together can generate. It is a huge vision, and a potent one. Please look, and let others know.
On a much more mundane note, I am hoping someone can help me out. I rely on a computer - who doesn't, although I will absolutely confess that a computer for me is a very fancy sort of typewriter, which allows me to transform my thoughts into words on paper. Which, as a writer, I love to do!! But so much better than a typewriter ever was (I wrote a novel many years ago on a typewriter...all that white-out, sure was a drag!)
Anyway, the computer I was using, kindly donated to our animal rescue, died...and the technician said it is not worth fixing. The one I am using now is actually Jetsunma's, for the use of which I am extremely grateful. But as everyone reading this knows, when you have no computer, it is hard to communicate. In fact, out here, Internet is a lifeline.
So my more computer-savvy friends said to me.... "Ask! People who are in that world of computers upgrade all the time". In fact, I know this to be true, because someone I know was just given a fabulous looking laptop which apparently is 6 years old, but works like new... it had been passed along by a friend of a friend etc, simply because of an upgrade.
So here it is: if any of you, or someone you know, has a laptop which has been superseded by a bigger, better, faster one, and for which you no longer have use, please consider me. All I ask is that it not be a clunker (like the original Apple I laptop I still have with me, must be over a dozen years old, is so slow and antiquated, but has all my fiction writing on it. It uses floppy discs only, how's that!).
I need to have wireless ability, and enough memory for storing lots of photos and word documents. The applications I use are just word and fiddling with photos - you know, making flyers for dog adoptions etc. Nothing fancy, other people do that! So not too old, or slow, as long as its in good working order, yet it doesn't have to be your super-dooper top of the range.
But a laptop would be lovely, because I could sit at night in the warmth of the log cabin where I am blessed to live, surrounded by 5 dogs and a cat, all cosy and calm, and work, rather than here in Jetsunma's unheated and uninsulated library where, as the clock moves towards midnight, my toes are gradually freezing. In 2 pairs of socks!
Well, there it goes -- out into the ether. Email me at dakinivalley@myway.com if you think you can help. It truly would be of help, both personally, and for the rescue animals, whose voice piece I need to be.
And either way, may each and every one of you have a rich and abundant year!


Tia said...

Kunzang, thank you for the link to the petition. It is signed.

I wish I had an extra computer to send your way.

Happy New Year.

kunzang said...

Thanks, Tia. Montana looks so beautiful, but you work so hard...!!
and to the very kind lady I think called Kris who emailed me....I am so sorry, I went to reply and your email is gone, I must have inadvertently deleted it. Thank you for your kind words. Please email again, and give me your blog-link. Thanks!!

sammy said...

Hi Kunzang, just saw this blog today.
Have you found a computer yet? Can you give me your e-mail address?

kunzang said...

Hi Sammy
No 100% reliable wireless laptop yet, though a couple of kind suggestions for me to followup. My email is fromdakinivalley@myway.com

sammy said...

Hi Kunzang, i've tried e-mailing you twice with no response. i guess that means you are interested in 3rd hand lap top?

Also i need to know if Dakini Valley is a tax exempt org.

This is the only way i know to get a response from you. thanks, sammy

Tom said...

Have you found a laptop?
Neither fromdakinivalley@myway.com
nor dakinivalley@myway.com seem to be accepting email.