Saturday, January 19, 2008



Eloquence is erratic. There are some for whom the poetry of expression never falters, but I cannot include myself in that group. And yet it is never absent, because the language of the divine is inscribed in every heart, it is the blood in our veins, the ink in our pens, the tears that fall on the darkened earth, longing. Like everything else, it is who we are - every one of us, searching to describe the content and images of our lives. Although there is nothing to describe, yet still we insist. We should just be, live. With the courage and certainty of the truth of compassion.

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
Oh! How i wish he'd go away.
(apologies to Norman Lear if my memory is awry)

It is not about the fleeting pretence of shadow, elusive. What is it about? Probably nothing, which is everything, and that is the bewilderment that we share.


Anonymous said...

Kunzang, thank you for your kind words. Your comment came as a surprise, a welcome one. I know we're always connected, as all patrons on this planet are, but it felt good to hear from you, feels like once our trip ended, no one came back to visit much.

Been feeling really, really disconnected lately. Not sure what is really going on for me. I admire your apparently endless connectivity with your source.


Stephen Newton said...

Hello, Kunzang. Thank you for your visit, which brought me back here to read your eloquent thoughts after too long an absence. My work has dominated my life and keep me on the go, traveling here and there. Coming here is an oasis.