Friday, March 23, 2007

The jewel that is the Valley

Please click for a beautiful slide show of Dakini Valley, and Tara's Babies Animal Welfare. It moved me to tears to see this precious land, which is my home, and to be reminded of its potency - our potency - which can be realised in immeasurable ways. I am truly blessed to live here, and thank you all for the ways in which you support me and every compassionate activity, which is the true sustenance for us all.


Stephen Newton said...

I hear your fulfillment and reference and awe. I feel it each day also. I'm grateful to the point of tears for each breath I take, each wonder I encompass.

Thanks for being there, Kunzang.

Tia said...

What a spectacular slide show and a great cause - thank you for sharing that with us. I am now off to visit Tara's website.

Tooky said...

Thank you, Kunzang!
Wonderful pictures of a very special place. Brought back lots of memories!

Anonymous said...

Great slide show Kunzang, the blind "happy" dog really struck me, that as well as the number of animals rescued. Beautiful. It amazes me that those were once somebody's pet, that someone once cared for them, and now they are orphans of the storm. It's sad to think what may have happened to the owners, or what kinds of lives they lived being too scared to come out. Beautiful work you are doing. You're in my thoughts and prayers.